Creators: JungJu Hwang, MinJeong Cho, Signe Ferguson, and Zoe Bax
Supervisor: Peter Yeadon

This study posits that, in the future, large-scale issues may be addressed with micro solutions that are performed within your own home. It considered moves that assume significance in the welfare of the individual, for the benefit of society, whilst presenting the chance to lead a bespoke life.

The team explored a range of domestic routines and cycles, focusing on those that address issues of garbage disposal, health and efficiency through tailored means in a relaxated environment. They designed covert technologies that understand the need for human participation in an ever-mechanizing world, integrating the efficiency of technology with the consciousness of a human for a personalized cycle.
Hence, DreamPRO is a kit that transforms hours spent sleeping into productive hours, through a technique that’s known as lucid dreaming. Users can learn a language, study for an exam, or be inspired while they sleep, freeing up more daylight hours to socialize and engage.

The kit is comprised of three flavors of toothpaste that give the user the choice of different chemicals, herbs and vitamins depending on the type of enhanced productivity they wish to experience.

The toothpaste induces lucid dreaming, while socks (made of carbon nanotube textile sensors and piezoelectrics) monitor sleep trajectory and create a vibrations, as needed, to manage the user’s lucid dreams. 

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