Impact Resistant Weather Suit

Creator: Gina Zhang
Supervisor: Peter Yeadon
Collaborator: Dave Sherman, Rogers Corporation

This materials-driven study conceives of new opportunities for Poron XRD, a rate-dependent foam that is produced by Rogers Corporation and is superior at absorbing and dissipating impact energy. One problem with Poron XRD is that it is not recyclable, and the process to make the foam creates waste. The foam also tears easily, so its weaknesses posed an interesting challenge: is there a way to take advantage of its limitations?
The idea for the Impact Resistant Weather Suit came after chopping up different densities of waste foam into small pieces, collecting them in a shopping bag, and discovering that the material could still absorb impact, yet avoid being torn. In the bag, it was also an effective thermal insulator, which led to thinking about sledding injuries, and how a lot of injuries are not in specific areas, so pads aren’t really suitable for sledding suits. Still, in this design, denser material is strategically placed to protect areas that are more prone to being injured.

The test shows the suit absorbing the impact of a hammer, to protect some tasty M&Ms.

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