Nanotech + Biotech Resources : Peter Yeadon

YSA Database
New York: Yeadon Space Agency, 2005-Present

Peter Yeadon. “135 Years of Nanomaterials
New Haven: Paprika #10, Yale University School of Architecture, 2016

Better Living Through Intuitive Soft Surveillance - Interview with architect Peter Yeadon” by Felix Hoepner and Radostina Radulova
Mannheim, Germany: Moinopolis No. 3, 2016

Synthetic Aesthetics by Jane Calvert, Alistair Elfick, Drew Endy, Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg, Pablo Schyfter. 
Cambridge: MIT Press, 2014

The big question: What innovations will shape architecture in a decade's time?” by Victoria Turk and Madhumita Venkataramanan
London: WIRED, July 2013

Bacteria at Work” by William Myers 
New York: Metropolis Magazine, 11/11

Beyond Containment: Assessing, Testing and Demonstrating Safety on Release of Synbio Devices and Chassis
An NSF SynBERC / MIT PoET / Smithsonian - Wilson Center Exercise, January 13, 2011

Peter Yeadon. “Materializations of Nanotechnology in Architecture” 
Thomas Schroepfer, ed. Material Design: Informing Architecture by Materiality
Berlin-Basel-Boston: Birkhäuser, 2010

RISD students work on ‘smart’ water sensor that tests for contamination” by Denise Perreault
Providence: Providence Business News, 12/04/2010.

Exploring Nano Design” by Liisa Silander
Liisa Silander, ed. RISD Views
Providence: Rhode Island School of Design, Fall 2009

Peter Yeadon. “Smarticles: Nanotechnology Materializes” 
Boston: ArchitectureBoston (AIA Boston Society of Architects) Vol.11, No.4, July/August 2008

Peter Yeadon. “Yeadon: pequeño es grande | small is big
Madrid/Dublin: Archfarm Fascículos Aperiódicos de Arquitectura No.9, 11/2006

Peter Yeadon. “nBots: Nanorobotic Environments” 
Beesley, Hirosue, Ruxton, et al. Responsive Architectures | Subtle Technologies
Toronto: Riverside Architectural Press 2006

Small Scale Big Innovations : Hülya Ertas interviews Peter Yeadon” 
Hülya Ertaş, ed. XXI Architecture Design
Istanbul: XXI Architecture Design Magazine 2005

Peter Yeadon. “Year 2050: Cities in the Age of Nanotechnology” 
Suha Özkan, Dogan Kuban, Baris Onay, eds. Cities: Grand Bazaar of Architectures
Istanbul: UIA XXII World Congress of Architecture 07/2005

Living Architecture” by Liisa Silander
Liisa Silander, ed. RISD Views
Providence: Rhode Island School of Design, Spring 2005

All Creatures New and Strange” by Thomas de Monchaux
Julie Lasky, ed. I.D. Magazine
New York: International Design Magazine 03/2005

Peter Yeadon. “Transgenic Zoo
Ole Bouman, ed. Archis No. 3 “Alive”
Amsterdam: Archis Magazine 06/2004

Peter Yeadon. “Architecture in the Age of Nanomatter
Stephanie White, ed. On|Site Review V.10: “Weight” issue
Calgary: On|Site Review Magazine 12/2003