Self-Assembled Furniture

Creators: Ha Dao, Jessica Harn Hsiao
Supervisor: Peter Yeadon

This study aimed to create transformable furniture that largely assembles itself using an origami tessellation sheet that can fold itself into multiple forms. Shape memory alloy wires (SMAs) were explored as a means to achieve complicated and sophisticated origami chairs, as integrated artificial muscles that could assist a person with the correct folding sequence. No instructions needed! It performs the correct folding sequence, and then you simply insert a couple of pins to lock in the final form.
Among other discoveries, the study resulted in the creation of a new kind of smart material mechanism with twisted SMA wires that enable planes to hinge and fold dramatically. A UI/UX system was also envisioned, where users would be able to control and customize the chair forms when the smart sheet arrives at their door. With one simple sheet, the team came up with six distinct design configurations and infinite finish material choices, but we see a lot more possibilities as well.

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