The Dynamitire Wheel

Creator: Kyle Dell’Aquila
Supervisor: Peter Yeadon
Collaborators: Danny Warshay, G-Form + Richard Fox, PolyWorks + Dave Sherman, Rogers Corporation

This materials-driven study conceives of new opportunities for Poron XRD, a rate-dependent foam that is produced by Rogers Corporation. The material is superior at absorbing and dissipating impact energy. It’s soft and pliable, but becomes stiff when something hits it.

Taking advantage of this change, from soft to hard, the Dynamitire airless tire inner tube solves problems found in existing bicycle wheels, while also optimizing the basic functions of rolling vehicles.
Due to PoronXRD’s dynamic nature, the Dynamitire will ride softly at low speeds, but will firm-up and roll optimally at higher speeds. The Dynamitire will also compensate dynamically with road surface imperfections, by immediately becoming rigid to protect the wheel rim and other components from strong impacts. The Dynamitire features better traction, more optimal rolling resistance, puncture resistance, and unrivaled comfort. It’s simply better than any pneumatic or solid state tire that’s currently available.

Photos from the road test show how Dynamitire is soft when the bicycle isn’t moving fast, to provide more contact with slippery road surfaces. However, as the bike speeds up, Dynamitire becomes firm and round, like a racing wheel.
The terrain test and drop test both confirmed that Dynamitire is better than pneumatic inner tubes at absorbing impact.

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