Whale Anatomy

Creator: Lucy Blake     
Supervisor: Peter Yeadon

This project explores heat-activated chromogenic smart materials that can change color at 32 degrees Celsius. Futhermore, exploring these thermochromic materials resulted in the creation of an anatomical whale model that can be used as a study aid for young children learning introductory biology.
The design combines various memory and memorization aids (e.g., diagrams, flashcards, and puzzle games) into a single model of a whale, wherein each body part is removable. Thermochromic films mask words that correspond to the anatomical parts, on the back of each piece. 
When heat from one’s hand is applied to the thermochromic film, the layer turns from an opaque color to transparent, revealing the hidden name of the body part.
The act of holding and interacting with each piece builds a multi-layered memory connection for the child, highlighting not only each anatomical term, but also allowing for shape recognition and location awareness within the model’s frame.
This study model format could be applied to a multitude of educational topics, including, but not limited to, the study of foreign languages, sciences, vocabulary, or psychology. 

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