“The design of matter should
matter to designers.” 

Peter Yeadon 
RISD CATALYST is a group of students and collaborators who engage in materials-driven innovation at the Rhode Island School of Design. As such, our cross-disciplinary work pursues new ways of making and knowing, which is a vital part of RISD’s strategic plan, NEXT. The group is led by Professor Peter Yeadon.

RISD CATALYST participants invent new applications for advanced materials with novel properties, such as biomaterials, smart materials, and nanomaterials. Many of the substances that we explore are designed to respond to certain stimuli, such as temperature and light, so our projects tend to be dynamic and adapt to change.

RISD CATALYST collaborators have included individuals, companies, and organizations, such as: Mearthane Products Corporation, Performance Indicators / Canopy Defense, University of Rochester, NYU Langone Medical Center, NBBJ New York, Rogers Corporation, G-Form, PolyWorks, Pvilion, University of Edinburgh, Lumin Sensors, Wilson Center for Scholars, and Yeadon Space Agency.

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